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How To Be A Metalhead - How Can I Dress Like A Metal Head?

In my first article about How to be a metalhead, I gave you the 7 easy steps to follow to be a metalhead. In this article we're gonna focus on one of the 7 steps, which is how to dress Metal. 

If you haven't read my first article, go ahead and read it first before you proceed on this article. Click this How To Be A Metalhead? 

Dressing like a metalhead is not easy as 123, compared to hip hop and pop fashion. You cannot simply wear the latest trend in fashion out there. You need to follow some set of rules. Metalheads has a culture of being anti-fashion and anti-commercialism. We don't want to follow the "In-thing". We just want to be different from the rest of guys in the mainstream. 

How To Be A Metalhead
  The Metal Look In The 70's And 80's

During the 70's and 80's, Rob Halford (Judas Priest Vocals) popularized the biker look which is more on leather jackets, black band T-shirts, belts detailed with silver, black boots, black jeans, and of course long hair. 

The Metal Look In The 90's

There was a little change during the 90's. A lot of meatalheads cut their hair and they preferred short haircut instead of long hair. Short hairs with massive goatee were the metal thing during this time and of course black t shirt, black jeans and all that stuff. James Hitfield of Metallica is one great example. 

Metalhead Look Today

There are 29 Heavy Metal Subgenres (Wikipedia) and today how to be a metalhead and to dress metal would depend on the subgenre that you are in. Becuase there are many heavy metal sub genre and has various style of clothing, let's just focus on this 3 Metal Sub Genre.

Trash MetalLeather jackets, denim jackets, skinny black jeans, black boots or black leather shoes, with sleeve or sleeve less black t shirt. The common stuff was skinny jeans and black t-shirt. The "Big Four" bands of thrash metal are Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax

NU Metal  - Many Metalheads would insist that NU Metal is not part of Metal but let's face the truth, one of its core music component is from heavy metal. Basically it is a fusion genre which is a combination of alternative metal, grunge and hip hop.  NU Metal style clothing has a touch of hip hop, like loose fit jeans, big t shirts, rubber shoes, and hats. NU Metal bands - Korn, Slipknot, many more.

Black MetalCommon theme of black metal is anti-Christianity so they are portraying satanic ideology and images. Black metal fans usually wears make up, long hair, leather wrist band with silver spikes on it, belts detailed with silver, black leather jackets, black boots, black jeans, Sleeveless black shirt. Black metal bands are Venom,  
Mayhem and Darkthrone.

There is also another metal subgenre called Unblack Metal which is the opposite of Black Metal and its main theme is Pro-Christianity. Famous unblack bands are Horde, Antestor, and Crimson Moonlight. 

The Common Gear in Metal

Though there are a lot of metal genre and ways of how to be a metalhead, but one common thing in all subgenre is black t shirt. So if you are going to a metal concert and not sure what to wear, just grab that black t shirt in your closet and your good to go. Just remember that metal is not about fashion but PASSION

It doesn’t matter if you really look metal yet do not understand, appreciate, and respect metal. The thing here is that don't pretend. Just be who you are and don't wear those stuff if you are not comfortable or else you'll be labeled as a poser.

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How to dress Metal

I'm sure there are other style of dressing metal that I haven't covered here but more or less this is the basic foundation on metal clothing which part of the process on how to be a metalhead.

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