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Axl Rose Vs Kurt Cobain - Who Really Started The War?

Axl Rose vs Kurt Cobain conflict has been debated for quite a long time. Who started the fight? Who started it all? As an avid Nirvana fan, I got curious of this matter so I did a research. 

I dug up the internet and found so many stories about it. There are different versions of the story behind Kurt Cobain vs. Axl Rose, and this story that I'm about to share to you is just one version among them. I choose this version because this is the most common and many believed that this holds the true story.

Axl Rose vs Kurt Cobain 

An Invitation That Was Rejected

It all started with a rejection. In an interview with Dave Grohl (nirvana's drummer, now Foo Fighters lead vocalist) he said that, at the start Axl Rose was a big fan of Nirvana especially the Album Nevermind. Because Axl admires Nirvana, he wanted them to open for Guns N Roses and Metallica concert tour

So Axl contacted Kurt Cobain to invite Nirvana to play with them on the concert. Kurt got pissed off because Axl keep calling him nonstop. "Fuck, Axl Rose won't stop calling me.!" - Kurt Cobain's line.

Nirvana never had an interest of playing with guns n roses for some reason. So literally Nirvana REJECTED the invitation of Guns n Roses to play with them.

Kurt didn't like to play with Axl Rose and started saying bad things about Axl during band interviews. And then Axl fight back and said bad things to Kurt too. The conflict worsenedUntil the MTV Music Awards of 1992, where both bands where invited. During the event, Axl had a really bad mode and it happen that Axl and his body guards passed by where Courtney love and Kurt are sitting. Courtney jokingly yelled at Axl, "Axl will you be the godfather of our child"

Axl got pissed off and told them "you better shut up bitch' then look at Kurt and scream “you better keep you wife shut or I will take you to the pavement". 

The intensity builds up between the two bands. The Kurt Cobain Axl Rose became nirvana vs. guns n roses fight. And Duff McKagan(Guns bassist) and Krist Novoselic (Nirvana's bassist) had almost got into a fist fight. From there the war between the two bands went on and on. 

Personally, I'm a big fun of Nirvana and based on the story above, apparently Nirvana started the war. But I don't really care if they started it or not, that was a long time ago and Kurt has been long dead. But the reason why I bought this up because up to this moment many Guns and Nirvana fans are still debating like crazy on this issue. 

These are some of the lines you would read in forums, which sounds really crazy. 

"Axl is awesome and the only best thing Kurt Cobain ever did was die"
"Kurt is much better composer than Axl"
"Glam is superior to grunge"
"Axl is gay"

I cannot blame the fans for being loyal to their idols but I think this topic is not worth debating anymore. I believe it was just a minor misunderstanding but because they're still young and aggressive during that time, so the situation got worse. In fact, not so long ago the bassists Duff McKagan(Guns) and Krist Novoselic (Nirvana) had exchange apologies to each other and are very good friends now. I think the same thing would happen to Axl and Kurt if Cobain is still alive today.

There's no point of arguing which of the two bands is better because in the heart and mind of a fan he knows who’s better. If you ask a Nirvana fan, 99% he would say that Nirvana is better than Guns. On the other hand, a Guns n Roses fan would always say that Guns is superior to Nirvana.

The judgments are being sabotaged based on the personal perception of the fans and not the technicality side of the artists. The topic is like a maze with no exit so I think it's time to quite, stop arguing and respect each other instead.

Now, tell me how you feel about this crazy Axl Rose vs. Kurt Cobain thing?


omg nivrvana didnt start it you flaming gayboy fagstick.

I dont care who started it. Axel (Axl) is a dick and poor Kurt was a shy and caring gentle little man who loved every type of person equally. Axl probably only wanted Nirvan because they were really popular and he wanted himself to have their fans too. He is fake as hell and only cares about himself! He did a gig and played one song than left and his band was like wtf. He wanted to be fuckin worshiped practically ands said he doesn't feel like it hes better than those people. Billy Joel said only the good die young. The world did Kurt wrong and took his kid. He died for it Axel thinks hes all that and basically screwed Slash over

Love Nirvana agree with you but it wont help your cause by callin someone a fag. Kurt liked the gays. Just sayin. One of his quotes says he wishes he was gay to piss of homophobes. No joke. LOVE Kurt Cobain. Fuck Axel Rose as a person

Love Nirvana, love GnR, I followed them both since the early 90s, and I think all three of the people who commented before me are god-damned morons. The end.

Duff McKagan(Guns) and Krist Novoselic (Nirvana's) had exchange apologies to each other and are very good friends now. I think the same thing would happen to Axl and Kurt if Cobain is still alive today.

This is my favorite line... I seriously doubt Axl would forgive Kurt. Axl tends to hold grudges. Just like the grude between him and slash.

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