Thursday, April 19, 2012

How To Be A Metalhead?

How to be a metalhead is a long way of discussion but let me give you 7 easy steps that you need to know to be a real metalhead. 

1. Love Metal - this is the most important factor that a metal head should have. If you don't love metal and just pretend that you love the music because your friends like it too, then you are considered as poseurs. 

Poseurs are fake! It might be a fan or an artist who just pretend to be metalhead but do not understand the philosophy or values of the subculture. 

You want to be a metalhead? Then love metal first and be sincere about it. Being metal comes from the heart.

2. Get to Know Metal - If you know the history of metal you'll understand the music and people that surround it. 

You don't need to know the very detail of every heavy metal music sub genre. But by knowing its background you'll know the reason why you would want to be a metalhead. 

I highly recommend that you watch  these two documentary films Metal: A Headbanger's Journey and Metal Evolution. Sam Dunn (the actor) travel around the world to explore the long-misunderstood art form and to dig down the history of metal. On these documentaries, you'll be able to learn where heavy metal came from, the musical style that influenced metal, and how the metal evolved through decades and came up with new sub-genres.

3. Listen and Appreciate Metal - First, listen to different Metal sub genre, from Old school metal like Black Sabbath to modern metalcore like Killswitch Engage. 

Then next figure it out what subgenre you really like the most and give your full support on it. Don't just listen to the vocals but also be aware of the whole key components of the band. Appreciate guitar solos, bass solos, and drum solos.         

4. Support the Music - Attend local metal concerts and feel the music. Buy albums and avoid illegal downloading and piracy if you can. In this way you’re not only helping the artists but also helping the Music to be alive in the next coming years. 

Hangout with other metal heads as they can also give you tips on how to be a metal head.

5. Play the Music - Metal heads exist because of music. It is the core component of being a metal head. And 7 out of 10 metalhead wants to actually play the music rather than just listen to it. It is a plus factor if you know how to play metal. 

Playing some heavy riffs or perhaps kicking off that double pedal is just an amazing feeling of power and masculinity. Learning music now a days is much easier than before because of the internet. You can even get PREMIUM metal guitar lessons for free if you just be serious in digging the net. However, you don't need to be a musician to be considered as metalhead. As I said it's a plus factor but it is not necessary. 

6. Dress Metal - Metalhead clothing evolved for decades. In the 70's and 80's, Rob Halford (Judas Priest Vocals) popularized the biker look which is more on leather jackets, black band T-shirts, belts detailed with silver, black boots, black jeans, and of course long hair. 

But in the 90's lot's of metal heads cut their long hair and one good example is James Hetfield (Metallica). 

Today, metal fashion depends on the heavy metal music sub genre. Metalcore is more on black skinny jeans and black metalhead band t shirt. While Nu metal clothing is influenced by hip hop. It's up to you what to follow whether the 70's style or the modern one. 

It all boils down to the metal sub genre you are interested in. This is a very long topic so I'll discuss more about it in my coming post as a supporting article on how to be a metalhead.

7. Stand On What You Believe - Other metal heads may tell you, don't listen to NU Metal because its crappy hip hop. Or don't listen to Metalcore because they’re gay. Well I tell you, DON'T listen to these close minded people

Every music genre is unique and deserved to be respected. Be true to yourself and listen to your inner voice.  Don’t go with the flow, stand to what you believe and most of all, enjoy Metal Music. 

Aside from the key points mentioned above, there are a lot of factors need to be considered. 

But just follow these 7 steps and you'll be fine because these are the basics and very important steps you need to know on how to be a metalhead.

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