Monday, September 17, 2012

Featured Band 002: Vulture Kult

For the past weeks, I received a lot of requests asking if I can feature their bands here in Rockosphere. It feels great to know that many are interested to be part of this blog.

It's also awesome because I got a chance to review new rock bands and listen to fresh music and ideas.

Unfortunately, I cannot feature all the bands and just pick up those bands which I feel worth featuring here in Rockosphere.

Vulture Kult
One band that got my interest was Vulture Kult. When I first heard their song "Electric Medication", Ozzy Osbourne was the first thing that came out in my head. Why? Listen to their songs and you will know why. Click here to listen to Vulture Kult's songs.

Band Bio:

If you think there's no edge left in modern rock, you haven't heard Vulture Kult. Conceived in the spring of 2008, Vulture Kult is a child of the cold Canadian prairie wind and snow from where they hail. Born from the discontent of pointless cliques so prevalent in the current music scene, VK forced themselves to take a different road and see where they would end up.

The result is pounding drums, guitar riffs that light up the dark night sky, and vocals that will rip a hole through your chest. Sometimes sleazy, but always raging, Vulture Kult will tell a story that you will understand and enjoy to the fullest.

Come listen to the new era of the two-piece Rock n' Roll sound and escalate your expectations.

Band:                Vulture Kult
Location:          Saskatoon, Canada
Style:                Rock N' Roll, Punk, Sludgy Metal
Similar to:         Fugazi, Stooges, Black Halos, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin
CD:                   Don't Let Rock n' Roll Ruin Your Life
Release date:   July 2, 2012
Production:       Recorded and mastered by Kelly Rudoski
Press contact:
Accolades:        24 Canadian college radio chartings with 1st album (Self titled),
                          Played with  Black Mastiff, Western Canadian tour this Fall.
Band members:   
                              Hans Bielefeld - Guitars and Vocals
                              Bradley Friesen - Drums and Vocals


I thought this album was really nice. Songs like "Electric Medication" is quite gorgeous.
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