Monday, August 27, 2012

Featured Band 001 : Well Hung Heart

Earlier this month I received an email from Grow Vision Studios about the band Well Hung Heart. An Alternative blues infused rock trio band based in Southern California. 

The band is composed of two British and American singer Greta Valenti from Louisiana. 

I was asked if I could feature them here in Rockosphere. But before I said yes, I reviewed first the band profile and personally I like blues based kind of music so they got my interest right away.

I also found out that Grow Vision is the creative mind behind the Papa Roach music videos for songs “No Matter What” and "Burn".  And this really makes me very excited to feature them here in the blog.

Without further ado, here’s the full bio of the band and down below is the video of their lead single "Devil" from Their newest album "Young Enough To Know It All". You can download some of their songs via souncloud for FREE! by clicking here - Download Well Hung Heart Songs.

Origin:             Orange, California, United States.
Genre:             Blues rock Alternative fusion
Members:       Greta Valenti
                        Robin Davey
                        Phil Wilson

Keith Richards once proclaimed, ""If you don't know the blues, there's no point in picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music"".

There is no mistaking the bluesy undercurrent that forms the bedrock of Well Hung Heart's raw and uncompromising Rock sound. British born guitarist Robin Davey cut his teeth with the Blues elite, jamming onstage with the likes of Buddy Guy and recording with Mick Jagger. Davey quickly secured a place as the youngest ever inductee into the British Blues Hall Of Fame, and has built a reputation as an eclectic and cutting edge musical mind.

Singer Greta Valenti grew up amongst the deep-rooted musical traditions of New Orleans. Though the two's early years were spent on opposite sides of the Atlantic, they have both found common ground in their passion for the raw honesty of music, delivered in its most unprocessed and unrestricted form.

With a dose of Hendrix, and a nod to PJ Harvey, Well Hung Heart is just as comfortable channeling Nirvana as they are Leadbelly or Led Zeppelin. Greta Valenti's pint size frame belies her vocal range. From whispered tales of regret, to frenzied screams of intent, she is often found onstage clamped to Daveys' back in an attempt to bring him crashing to the floor. Or alternatively throw him a curve ball, should he try and play the same solo twice.

Well Hung Heart record just as they play live - stripped down to the core, void of multiple takes and studio trickery. With Davey handling simultaneous guitar and bass duties, and fellow Brit Phil Wilson on drums, Valenti is left to lead the three piece in an assured but unpredictable stomp through their take on the Blues, Rock and Roll, and its many subsidiaries.

Well Hung Heart finished off their first year in existence with high profile shows both sides of the Atlantic. Appearing at London's prestigious O2 Academy, and the Make Music Festival in Pasadena, opening for Grimes, Grouplove and Cults.

Their debut album ""Young Enough To Know It All"" is set for an October 2012 release and features the lead single ""Devil"".

Well Hung Heart acknowledge that though their influences might stem from the roots, their approach to finding an audience is very much in the present. With a series of self-directed YouTube videos establishing the band's presence, Well Hung Heart have managed to build a burgeoning fan base, both with their blistering live performances and their creativity in the digital age.


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