Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rockosphere - Is There A Good Website For Finding Information On Rock/Metal Music?

Rockosphere is all about Rock Music and its subgenre. You might wonder what is the meaning of Rockosphere. From the root word rock (relating to rock music) and Sphere which is a Greek word means World, combining the two will give us Rockosphere which means "World Of Rock"

Hi I'm John and I welcome you to The World of Rock. Rock music is my passion and as a rocker I always wanted to follow a music website that only talks about rock.


The problem was I could not find one and if there is, usually it is not updated. Most of the music blog today focused on the mainstream Pop and R&B because these are the most famoes music genre today. 

I know the feeling of going to a music website to read about my favorite rock band and end-up getting articles about Justin Bieber. 

There is nothing wrong about the artist and I respect him and his fans. The thing is that, their providing you information which is out of your interest. It's like you are asking for an apple and their serving you a banana.

So I decided to create this website which is dedicated only to rock music, to entertain and give service to fellow rockers like you. 

What to expect with Rockosphere over the next couple of weeks?

History of rock music 
How to be a metal head 
How to dress metal
Online guitar lessons free for beginners
Rock band reviews

History of Rock Music

It's always a good idea to know a little background of what you love most. We love and believe on rock music and it's great to know the history of it. We will dig the root by dissecting the family tree of rock music.

How to be a metal head 

You might be a rocker but a not a metal head. This topic is a little bit confusing especially if you are new to the rock world. So to clear this up, we will define what metal head is and you will find out the difference between a rocker and metal head. 

Most of all on this section we will talk about, how to be a metal head and what it takes to be metal. 

How to dress metal

If you are already a metal head and still don't know how to dress like metal then Rockosphere is the place to be. I will be posting articles and videos showing you how to dress like a real metal. 

Over the coming weeks I will also launch Rockosphere Merchandise Metal where you can have access to genuine and exclusive metal clothing and gears.

Rock Band Reviews

Know more about your favorite rock band. Find out there real life experiences outside the stardom.

Online guitar lessons free for beginners

Nine out of ten rockers want to learn the guitar. However, most of the rockers don't bother to learn the guitar because getting an instructor is expensive. But deep inside is the burning desire to strum that string. If you are one of these rockers, I have a good news for you.

You can learn guitar for free online. I will team up with the best guitar instructors in the industry to give you quality guitar lessons for FREE.

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Thank you for visiting this page and once again welcome to the world of rock, welcome to Rockosphere.  

Photo thanks to Fadza Ishak under a creative commons license


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