Monday, November 5, 2012

Unionbank Eon - Credit Card and PayPal Alternative

Unionbank EON! You might ask why I am writing about this! What is the relation to rock/metal? Actually nothing :) But I'm thinking that this post may help you somehow, so keep reading :)

In this internet era, most of us buy things or products online. It can be MP3 or CD of your favorite metal bands or perhaps a metal documentary DVD Metal Evolution from amazon. In these two blog posts - How to Download Premium Metal Guitar Lessons For Free?  and Blues Scales: How Can I download Blues Guitar Lessons for Free? I shared a little trick on how to download premium guitar lessons from without spending any money. On these posts I mentioned that you need a credit card and PayPal for you to be able to sign up and download those guitar lessons. 

However, the problem is that not all of us have a credit card or PayPal. 

In the Philippines, it's not easy to get a credit card unless you have a stable job. With that problem, some of you was not able to grab the opportunity and benefitted from what I've shared. If you are one of those people who are very interested to download those guitar lessons but don't have credit card or PayPal, it's not the end of the world yet because I found four credit card and PayPal alternatives for you.

The four Alternatives

1. Unionbank EON Card
2. BPI My ePrepaid 
3. Payoneer
4. BDO Ko-kard 

Among the four, what I'm currently using is Unionbank EON card and we'll be talking more about this in a short while. I don't have experience using the other three cards so I cannot talk more about them. But they are also good credit card or PayPal alternatives so you might want to ask Mr. Google more about these services.  

What is Unionbank EON?

Union Bank EON Card is a VISA Debit card that would let you do online transactions like money transfer, pay bills, and buy items/products online. It's different from a credit card because you need to deposit some cash on it first, before you can use it. 

I got my Unionbank Eon card for almost 2 years now and so far it really helps me a lot. I use it to buy metal band t-shirts from the US, sign up for guitar lessons, book tickets, pay my bills, and purchase gadgets online.

My Unionbank Eon card is a great credit card and PayPal alternative. It totally replaced the purpose of my credit card so I decided of cutting off my HSBC and Citibank credit cards. I feel worry free using Union Bank eon because it's a debit card and it's a wise strategy from keeping you away from DEBT trap.

It's also much easier to apply for a Unionbank Eon card compare to credit card. They are not that strict on requirements and there's a greater chance that you'll be accepted even if you don't have a high paying job.

How to apply?

You have two options. One is to apply online by following these 4 easy steps down below:
Fill out.Fill out the necessary information in EON’s online application found Union Bank’s website: After filling out the application, you will be receiving an SMS and email notification of your reference number and selected UnionBank pick-up branch. Please take note of this information.  
After receiving your SMS and email notification, you may immediately visit and present your reference number to your selected UnionBank pick-up branch. (Link for list of current pick-up branches)
EON Visa Debit Cards that were applied through the online application are initially available at the following branches. More UnionBank pick-up branches will be available soon for your convenience.   
Please prepare and submit the following account opening requirements: P350 for your first annual fee, the original and photocopy of one (1) valid photo-bearing ID (list of IDs  
Receive your EON Visa Debit Card in a single branch visit. Now you’re ready to start enjoying the many benefits your EON Visa Debit Card has to offer! Use it for PayPal, online and mobile banking, online shopping and more!  
The second option is to go directly to Unionbank branch near you and follow the instructions found on this page - How to open an EON card?

After you have submitted the necessary documents during your application, wait 1 to 2 weeks then follow up if your card is already available for pick up. Once you have your card, be sure to deposit some cash on it then you are good to go to purchase items online. Hope this article help you and it would be great if you can share this to your friends as well. If you have questions about Unionbank EON that I have not covered here, feel free to put in the comment section below and I'll be happy to help you.


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