Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Interview with Metallica's Lead Guitarist Filipina Mom

If you love metal, most probably you already know that Kirk Hammet (Metallica's lead guitarist) is half Filipino because his mother is Filipina. But most of us don't know more about his mother. Who really she is? Where she came from? And what she looks like? 

I've been a hardcore fan of Metallica for almost 15 years now and I'm proud that Kirk is a half Filipino. Although he doesn't talk more about being a Filipino unlike who is very passionate in promoting his Filipino origin. But deep inside, a Filipino blood is running through his veins and that fact is undeniable.

Kirk Hammett of Metallica with his mom Teofila Oyao
As a Filipino and a Tallica fan, I've always been interested to know more about Kirk Hammet. About his family background and his personal life when he is not with Metallica. But I just don't have free time to do it. Thankfully, last weekend I had a vacant time so I sat down and did a quick search about him. 

There's very limited information about Kirk’s family on the internet. If you look at his Wikipedia profile, they don't even have the name of his father. They just indicated "Irish Merchant Marine father." 

Good thing they have little information about his Filipina mother. Her name is Teofila Oyao but many people preferred calling her "Chefela". I searched further and I found this video on YouTube posted by Adobo Nation. ADOBO Nation is a weekly magazine talk program for Filipino-Americans living in the US. 

I found this video very inspiring. Chefela is a very supportive mom. He let Kirk's follow his dreams, gave her full support to his son since Exodus (1980–1983) up until Metallica (1983–present). She's been there since Kirk's first Guitar Lesson until the Grammy Awards.

We can get a little lesson from this video. For all of us, if you have a dream, work for it, fight for it and give your best shot. For parents, sometimes we need to listen to our sons and daughters dreams, not just our personal goals and dreams for them. May this video be an inspiration for all Filipinos around the world. How about you, what do think about this video?


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